This is probably because her grandfather is Iron Munro

Even before that, during the first season, Nanoha has to join the TSAB for a few days to help out in their investigation, which necessitates missing school and staying onboard the Cool Ship rather than at her house. Besides, it doesn’t concern only literature.

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Vocal Dissonance: The Albonquetines dress in faux Polynesian attire, but speak in proper British accents. Death Glare: Rita to one of the pirate. Both of these notes are very strong, long lasting, can be difficult to wash off, and civet in particular can be downright stinky with the wrong chemistry.

Eyelid Pull Taunt Face Palm: Several. Mrs. Misha and Nasha also die in the anime after each makes a Heel Face Turn. (Usually because of Wojo giving someone political asylum or similar.) The Bet: In “Community Relations”, between Yemana (to stop gambling) and Harris (to stop smoking) on who could last the longest.

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